The lawyer's professional rule is the basic principle of our office and the commercial and personal secrets of our clients and business owners are kept strictly protected.

Legal Profession Principles and Rules in the execution of our profession, Turkey Bar Association prepared Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of the Legal Profession Rules of the European Union are taken into account at all stages and is in full compliance with these rules.

Av. Any information given to Tolga Ersoy that is not publicly available is kept confidential. Hunting. The information given to Tolga Ersoy will continue to be preserved even after the end of the relationship with the client. All employees of our law firm are bound by these professional rules.

In the case of telephone applications, only a brief pre-interview is made on the main lines of the subject, and the day and time are determined for the office call. It is essential for the client to bring the relevant documents and documents to the office interview. Following the examination of all documents and documents, legal opinion is given.

Turkey Bar Association as determined in accordance with professional principles and rules, is subject to legal counseling fees, free consultation requests are not accepted.

Lawyer Tolga Ersoy Law Office in Istanbul provides legal services to legal entities and individuals. He mainly works as a Criminal Lawyer in the field of Criminal Law. He provides advocacy services in many areas of law, including Family Law and Compensation Law.


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