The main legal services provided by our Law Office are the follow-up of criminal cases, civil cases and administrative cases until finalization. However, in cases where ordinary remedies are exhausted, individual applications to the Constitutional Court and individual applications to the European Court of Human Rights are followed up. In the field of law, the services offered to individuals and the services offered to institutions are distinguished by their qualities. Companies, foundations and associations are provided with services to solve their legal problems and to follow their cases.


On the basis of committing a crime defined on the basis of the criminal provisions defined in the Turkish Criminal Law and different laws, an investigation file is opened by the Prosecutor's Office. In this process, evidence is collected and witness statements are taken in relation to the offense in question. Following the completion of this process, if the Prosecutor's Office considers that sufficient evidence has been reached and finds the offense to be fixed, it will issue an Indictment against the suspect and send it to the relevant court. This court is the Criminal Court of First Instance and the Assize Court, depending on the nature of the offense. An opened prosecution file has two sides, the complainant (the victim of the crime) and the suspicious party. In all areas of the criminal law, our law office provides litigation services both as the complainant's attorney and the defendant's advocate.


Civil cases cover cases in the field of private law. The services provided by our law firm are divided into two parts: personal and institutional. Our services in private law branches offered to individuals, divorce, alimony, custody lawsuits arising from family law, inheritance law arising from the lawsuits, criticism and muris lawsuits lawsuits, real estate law cancellation of land registry and registration, elatma prevention, ecrimisil lawsuits arising from the law of obligations, labor lawsuits arising from labor law. Our services provided to corporations in the field of civil lawsuits include trade receivables lawsuits mainly arising from commercial law for firms and lawsuits stemming from their own legislation for various commercial lawsuits, associations or foundations.


As a principle in our law, all kinds of actions and actions of the administration are open to the judiciary. Administrative cases are two types: cancellation cases and full judicial cases. In the event of cancellation of an administrative transaction, a cancellation case is filed. This may be the cancellation of a disciplinary penalty imposed on a university student, or an assignment of an officer. Full judicial proceedings are cases brought against public legal entities for compensation of their losses arising from their transactions and actions. Tax lawsuits are lawsuits against tax transactions and accruals. Our law firm provides litigation and consultancy services to individuals and corporations in the field of administrative and tax litigation.


Every citizen has the right to make an individual application to the Constitutional Court in violation of his / her rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Likewise, foreigners living in Turkey just make individual applications to the Constitutional Court as the limited rights granted to foreigners. In order to apply, the usual remedies must be exhausted. In civil cases, administrative cases or criminal cases to which the persons are a party, individual application to the Constitutional Court is possible without delaying the thirty-day deprivation period following the finalization or notification of the final decision. Individual application to the Constitutional Court is also a compulsory stage for individuals wishing to submit their case to the European Court of Human Rights. Our law firm provides advocacy services for individual applications to the Constitutional Court.


Whether ordinary criminal remedies are made in a criminal case, civil action or administrative case, the decision is finalized and the Constitutional Court application is made within the due time and negative results are obtained here, although despite the exhaustion of domestic remedies, your basic rights and freedoms will be violated. the European Court of Human Rights.

The Law office of Tolga Ersoy offers legal services to individuals, companies and institutions who are facing legal challenges, in many areas of Turkish Law, mainly including the trade law, family law, the criminal law, the law of contracts & debts, the administrative law, the labour law and the law of foreigners & citizenship. We represent our clients in the lawsuits and offer consultation for all major legal matters that concerns them. For us, every case is unique, and we make it a point to approach every case carefully, diligently, and sensitively.

To our foreign clients, we offer consultancy service of for the legal issues of the Turkish law regarding foreigners and citizenship.

We provide our foreign clients legal consultancy service for residence permits, work permits, the legal transactions of obtaining Turkish citizenship, all kind of property issues of foreigners.

For foreign entrepreneurs who want to establish a company in Turkey, we offer legal services in all the stages such as preparing the articles of association that would be published in Turkish Commercial Records Gazettee, getting necessary permissions, submitting the memorandum and articles of association, executing and notarizing company documents, obtaining the potential tax identity number, depositing a percentage of capital to the account of the Competition Authority, applying for registration at the Trade Registry Office. After the company established, our law firm offers legal consultancy services and represents the company in the lawsuits.

Lawyer Tolga Ersoy Law Office in Istanbul provides legal services to legal entities and individuals. He mainly works as a Criminal Lawyer in the field of Criminal Law. He provides advocacy services in many areas of law, including Family Law and Compensation Law.


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