A sense of justice is implanted in human beings by Nature

- Cicero

Justice can only arise from truth.

- Anatole France

The commandments of the law are: To live honestly, not to harm anyone, to give everyone the right.

- Ulpianus

Independence, future, freedom; everything is fair with justice.

- Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Law is present at every stage of our lives, even if we are not aware of it.

In our daily lives, we make an oral contract in a dolmus or a restaurant where we go to work. In all kinds of goods and services we purchase, we establish contractual relationships as consumers. When we submit a petition to a public institution, we are subject to administrative law. If we violate the traffic rule, we will face criminal sanctions. When we are treated in a hospital we are subject to health law. When we work by presenting our labor in a workplace, we are subject to labor law. When we get engaged, when we get married, when we have children, we are subject to family law.
But most of the time we act without knowing it.
Yet, law actually regulates every aspect of life.

It is inevitable that there will be problems and conflicts where people are.
Conflict is inherent in life.
Law, on the other hand, offers more opportunities than we thought to solve our problems.

When we have problems, the most powerful tool for solving these problems is the rules of law and law. Because, when our right to be violated is protected by a court order, this decision will be binding even for all individuals and public institutions.

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